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The expertise cabinet Havas - Antiques : to appraise or seriously assess your furniture or antiques (picture, sculpture, ceramics glassware, collectibles and artwork) by an experienced and recognized antiquary.

Antiques dealer and expert in antiquities in Caen, Normandy, for 40 years, Frederic Havas welcomes you to its second store and expertise cabinet to share with you his passion for antiquity.

expertise antiquités meubles objets oeuvres

Usually, antique appraisals are carried out as part of an estate or a share, for the purposes of insurance (accident, theft, updating an insurance policy) or a heritage council.

They therefore represent a work that must be serious and precise, which requires a thorough and updated knowledge of the market of art and antiques.

A descriptive and detailed expert report will be implemented as a reference to your lawyer, your insurer and to you and your children.

expert en antiquités

The cabinet of expertise in antiques Frederic Havas is based on:

  • initial technical training among the highest

graduate of the Ecole Boulle cabinet section.

  • 40 years of experience in antique

still in business, for a better knowledge of the current market of antiquity.

  • many resource materials on different media

books, catalogs, reference books, journals and internet databases.

  • an expert status, validated and recognized by a network of colleagues, themselves experts

Frédéric Havas is a member of the CNES.

Therefore you can give it your full trust : he will appraise, evaluate, estimate your best furniture, paintings, art objects and more generally, any old object that you will bring him.

Cabinet d'expertise en antiquités à Caen

The cabinet of antique expertise is in in the Place Saint Martin store in Caen (parking nearby)

By appointment, expertise can also take place in Paris or around Paris and throughout Normandy.

You can also use our contact form to send us a photo of your furniture or objects to estimate or appraise: Contact us

Frédéric Havas - Expert in antiques
15 Place Saint Martin - 14000 Caen

06 08 49 74 21 or 02 31 39 28 90



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