Curved two part buffet, in solid mahogany from 18th century

Exceptional two part presentation buffet, entirely in solid mahogany!
Very nice woodworking, whether carving, molding or assembly.
Four double-panel doors. Decorated lock, cut iron cremone bolt.
Norman work from the 18th century.

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Magnificent two part buffet in solid mahogany with a curved front.
The right cornice is molded and has a projection in the corners.
The uprights, also molded and projecting, are hollowed out in the middle. They continue down to the ground.
It opens with four two-panel doors whose frames, strongly molded, are animated at the top, with reserves on the sides and a small rectangular panel below. Slight difference in the movement of the frame of the lower doors.
The upper doors are closed with a cut iron cremone bolt on the left and a three-point lock on the right. It is decorated with a bronze medallion in the shape of a bearded man's head.
The back is made up of eight panels, separated by molded crosspieces.
The shelves in the upper part are curved.
The top sides have two flowerbed panels, while the lower ones have a single panel.
Pegs placed on the side crosspieces are used to fix the top.
The cornice as well as the lower front crosspiece are formed from a single piece.
Norman work dating from the 1st half of the 18th century.
This exceptional presentation sideboard most likely comes from the order of a shipowner: the front, sides, back, shelves, doors as well as the ceiling and floor are entirely made of solid mahogany!
There are small customary restorations.

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