Late 19th century painted wooden bookcase

Gray and red painted wooden bookcase.
With its original windows in the upper part, it can serve as a library as well as a bookcase.
Work dating from the end of the 19th century, around 1880.

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Beautiful painted wood bookcase, late 19th century, opening with 4 full doors at the bottom and 4 glass doors at the top. It can be separated in two in the direction of the height.
Lots of charm and elegance with its original paintings: red on the inside and light gray on the outside. It has all its shelves: 10 in the upper part and 2 in the lower part. It can serve as a library as well as a bookcase.
In very good condition. Some slight repainted parts of interior and exterior.
Height of the lower part: 2.7 ft. ; height of the upper part: 6.5 ft.
Dimensions of the shelves: 9 in. deep and 3.7 ft. wide.

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