4 rosewood danish seats, design by Kurt Østervig for Sibast

Set of 2 chairs and 2 armchairs, in rosewood and leather.
Danish design by Kurt Østervig, published in the 60s by Sibast.

Data sheet

Height2.6 ft
Width1.64 & 1.8 ft
Depth1.47 & 1.54 ft

More info

Nice set of scandinavian seats in rosewood and leather, composed of a pair of chairs and a pair of bridge-type armchairs.
Danish design by Kurt Østervig. Edited by Sibast (Denmark) in the 1960s.
In very good general condition except for a few cracks on the original leather.
Possibility to sell the pair of armchairs (1700 €) apart from the pair of chairs (1100 €).

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