Scandinavian rosewood dining table

Rosewood dining table for 4 to 6 people.
An extension folded and integrated under the top.
Probably Scandinavian work, dating from the 1960s.

2 700 €

Data sheet

Height2.5 ft.
Diameter3.8 ft
Length5.2 ft.

More info

Beautiful rosewood dining table.
Designed to accommodate four guests, it also has a 16.5 in. extension which allows it to accommodate 6 people. This extension is integrated and folded under the top, which makes it very easy to handle by one person and avoids any storage problem.
The top, the crosspieces and the extension are in rosewood veneer. The framing ring of the top and the extension is in solid rosewood, as are the four legs, of square and tapered section.
A few details to note: the rosewood quality, the finesse of the top framing, the integrated extension system and the crosspieces arched in the middle to facilitate the passage of the knees.
No maker's mark. But given the quality and care taken in its manufacture, it is probably a Scandinavian design from the 1960s.
In very good general condition, no discoloration of the top compared to the extension, I just point out a mini lack of veneer, as well as a very small depression of the top. Some barely perceptible scratches from use following the restoration.

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