Modernist tapestry by Jean Picart le Doux: Sky and Sea

Tapestry modernist by Jean Picart le Doux: Earth and Sky.
Robert Four workshops.
Workshop fallen No. 142/200.

Data sheet

Height3.6 ft
Width5.9 ft

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Beautiful tapestry, modernist era, by Jean Picart le Doux.
Entitled Sky and Sea, it is part of a series representing elements two by two.
The left side is the sea with stylized waves, seaweed and fish, while the right side shows the sky with the sun, stylized flames and butterflies. The whole on a black and green background.
Cartridge in the back, "woolen tapestry hand-printed in Robert Four workshops from a drawing by J. Picart Le Doux"; handwritten signature of Jean Picart le Doux; # 142/200.
Work of the 50s in perfect condition (no hole nor repair)

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