Mirror with gardener's tools in gilded and carved wood, Louis XVI period

Mirror in gilded and carved wood.
Decorations with gardener's tools. Ancient mercury mirror.
Louis XVI period work.

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Height3.9 ft
Width2.1 ft

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Beautiful mirror in carved and gilded wood, decorated with gardener's tools: florets above and below the two uprights, flowers in the four angles, oak leaves in a garland at the base, in a wreath at the top and on the sides.
The pediment is composed of a hoe and a crossed rake, with a straw hat below, a basket of flowers above, all strewn with oak leaves.
Mercury mirror, framed by a garland of pearls and a garland of stripes of heart. Old original parquet on the back.
18th century work from the Louis XVI period.
Very good general condition: original gilding slightly patinated and some signs of oxidation on the glass.

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