50s glass chandelier by Austrolux

Austrian glass chandelier from the Austrolux brand.
Composed of twenty-one molded and faceted glass hexahedra, arranged in two crowns on two levels.
It illuminates with four bulbs: three small and one large in the center.
Chromed metal fixing rod and bail cover.
Austrian work from the 1950s or 1960s.

Data sheet

Height30 in
Diameter14 in

More info

Beautiful vintage pendant light, produced by Austrolux (Austria) in the late 1950s or early 1960s, in glass and chromed metal.
This chandelier is made up of two circular crowns on two levels, formed by hexahedrons arranged stops against stops. These hexahedra are in molded and faceted glass, seven make up the inner crown and fourteen the outer crown.
Very nice lighting, partly diffused by the facets of the hexahedra, it illuminates by three small bulbs in the outer crown and a larger, zenith, in the center of the small crown.
In very good condition overall: slight small breaks at the level of the upper hole of a few hexahedra (invisible once mounted). Small traces of rust in the plastic screws which fix the hexahedra to the crowns.

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