Louis XV chest of drawers stamped Lardin

Curved chest of drawers stamped with Lardin.
18th century work, Louis XV period.

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Pretty chest of drawers curved on the front, rosewood veneer and opening with five drawers in three rows. These drawers are highlighted by rosewood frames.
The uprights are straight, with rosewood fillets, as well as on the sides.
Marble top, royal red, with Corbin beak (broken but perfectly repaired).
Beautiful bronze trim: keyholes, handles, falls, clogs and apron.
Stamped twice LARDIN (André-Antoine, 1724-1790) Parisian cabinetmaker. Received master on July 1, 1750.
It is also marked twice with the JME for Jurors-Joiners-Cabinetmakers.
Louis XV period work.
It is reported that the locks are from the 19th century.
Bibliography: Count François de Salverte, Cabinetmakers of the 18th century.
F. de Nobele Bookseller-Editor, Paris.

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