Breast high bookcase, french Regency, 18th c.

Breast high bookcase in violet wood marquetry.
It opens with 2 glass doors with framing.
Rounded jambs with flutings.
Work dating from 18th century: Regency period.

Data sheet

Height4.6 in
Width4.8 in
Depth1.3 in

More info

Nice bookcase, breast high, wood violet marquetry friezes patterns, lozenges and braces.
It opens with two glass doors and dark eventful coaching a brass molding. They are separated by a fake sleeping.
Large jambs with flutings, embellished with brass. Right plinth.
Top inlaid over a large cove. Rich ornamentation of bronze foliate moldings.
Work dating from eighteenth century: french Regency period.
Interior veneered rosewood rebuild at the begining of 20th century, small veneer restorations.

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