Ceramic lamp by Danish designer Hanne Stentøj.

Danish ceramic lamp by Hanne Stentøj.
Decor of free forms, pretty glazes.
Work from the 60s, in good condition.

Data sheet

Height12.6 in. at the top of the foot (21 at the top of lampshade)
Diameter5.2 in. at the base (13.8 for the lampshade)

More info

Pretty ceramic lamp signed by Hanne Stentøj.
In the shape of a shell with a constriction in the upper part, it presents a decoration of free forms, typical of the work of this ceramist.
Beautiful glazes: very pretty olive green and slightly iridescent brown tones.
It is marked below with the workshop stamp (H) and DENMARK.
Work from the 1960s. Period lampshade but changed, electrification redone.
In very good condition: very small chip at the base, barely visible once placed.

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