Tall white marble sculpture of Ezio Ceccarelli, young girl with the letter

Tall white marble sculpture by Ezio Ceccarelli: young girl with the letter.
End of the 19th century.

Data sheet

Height2.9 ft
Width0.9 ft
Depth1 ft

More info

Very beautiful sculpture in white marble, tallness, representing a young girl reading a letter which she holds in her left hand, while her right hand is placed on her face.
Dressed in a very detailed dress, tied at the shoulders and tight at the waist, with bare arms.
Behind her, at her feet against her dress is a tobacco plant.
Beautiful quality of sculpture and in perfect condition: no accidents.
Signed E Ceccarelli at the base. Work from the end of the 19th century.
Ezio Ceccarelli (1865-1927) Italian, active in Florence. Student at the Academy of Florence, Rivalta and Bortone.

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