Revolutionary barometer in painted and gilded carved wood

Revolutionary period barometer in carved, painted and gilded wood.
18th century Parisian work by citizen Lucinet.

Data sheet

Height3.30 ft.
Width1.48 ft.
Diameter10.2 in.

More info

Rare revolutionary barometer around 1790.
The top is decorated with flags and bundles of lictors, stitched with a Phrygian cap topped with bay leaves.
Below, the dial is of a classic layout but with the inscription LIBERTE at the top and in red.
The center is decorated with a tricolor cockade and below it is signed: in Paris by the citizen Lucinet rue des noyers opposite the St Yves wall.
Around the dial, two thermometers, one with mercury, the other with alcohol, are surmounted by flowers. Below, a mirror in a beaded molding, framed with bay leaves rests on a fluted entablature supported by a strong leafy base.
In working order.
The rue des noyers is an old street in Paris. It was located in the old 12th, now 5th). It disappeared during the drilling of boulevard St Germain.

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