Jewelry box signed Tahan with flower miniatures

Magnificent and charming little jewelry box in gilded bronze, signed by Tahan in Paris.
Decorated on all sides and on the lid with miniatures representing bouquets of flowers.
19th century work, Napoleon III period.

2 300 €

Data sheet

Height4.1 in
Width5.7 in
Depth4.5 in

More info

Very pretty jewelry box, in gilded and eventful bronze, with its four sides decorated with miniatures.
On top of the lid is a larger miniature, the frame of which is decorated at the four corners with a stylized pleat. The whole rests on a first dish with a molded edge. Next comes a field, then the repetition of the molded edge, forming the lid itself.
The pleating, repeated at the corners of the box, is fixed to a molding which forms the base.
The four sides are decorated with miniatures: two in the front and back and one on the sides. Each of these miniatures represents bouquets of flowers, all different and particularly well executed.
Four rounded feet support this charming little box.
Very beautiful carving of flowers and foliage scrolls on the sides, the top, the pleats and around the miniatures.
It is signed TAHAN à PARIS on the front edge of the box.
Work dating from the middle of the 19th century: Napoleon III period.
There are small paint accidents on miniatures and wear of the silk fabric underneath.

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