Empire period clock in gilded and patinated bronze by Mesnil

Clock in gilded and patinated bronze, signed by the clockmaker Mesnil in Paris.
Nicely decorated with a large basin, lion heads, griffins, palmettes and geometric patterns.
Empire period.

2 500 €

Data sheet

Height13.4 in
Width7.5 in
Depth4.7 in

More info

Beautiful bronze clock with double patina, signed by Mesnil in Paris.
At the top, a large basin decorated with lion heads rests on a base.
The central body, patinated green and brown, is topped with a high molding.
The dial is surrounded by a triple wheel molding and has very finely cut hands with beautiful carving. Framed at the upper corners with two lion heads and scrolls and two winged griffins at the lower corners.
The counter-base supports a low molding, chiseled with water leaves. The whole thing rests on a base with slightly flattened ball feet.
On the sides, there is a gilded bronze with openwork diamond, rosette and palmette motifs.
Signed by Mesnil, a watchmaker listed in Paris who worked at the very beginning of the 19th century.
Work from the Empire period, with original gilding and patinas, of good quality.
In perfect working order: movement completely revised.
There are a few small cracks in the dial.

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